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WHITE GLOVE Delivery and Setup service's.

If you have never heard of the "Clam Shell Maneuver" you should let our team of trained professionals movers  move your equipment.


We service cities surrounding Atlanta. You can be rest assured that your equipment will be transported with the outmost care.


We will deliver and set any type of vending machine right in its place making the entire moving process stress free and completely hands free on your part.

We also provide "White Glove Delivery Service". If you purchase a machine from an out of state dealer. We will pick up the machine from the nearest freight terminal or have it delivered to our office, we will discord the packaging/pallet and transport the machine direct to your location.

Steps or Stairs weather we go up one step or a flight of stairs its


We offer a customer discount if you have multiple units that's being picked up and moved to one location "A to B".



For further information and questions about our vending machine moving services, please contact us at 678.699.9732 or visit our contact form.

Days of Service's: Friday's only

Standard Delivery Service: $175.00 per machine Point A to B

White Glove Delivery Service From Vending Supplier: $300.00 per machine

Steps: $75.00 per step

Deposit: $50

If you are looking for the best vending machine Installation company in Georgia, then look no further. Not only do we supply high quality vending machines, we can deliver them directly to your location. Our vending machine delivery service can make sure that you have the vending machines that you need, when you need them.

In today’s business world, every second counts. Why wait on lengthy shipping times for vending machines when our company can deliver them to you quicker than ever. Adding a new vending machine to your business can be a great way to open up new revenue streams and add value for your guests and customers.

Our vending machine Installation service is ideal for any business looking to raise the value of their locations. Laundromats, shopping centers, and even apartment complexes can all benefit from having a vending machine on site. You can rely on our vending machine installation service to quickly and reliable install your vending machines.

Vending machines can be complicated and delicate pieces of machinery. Improper installation and setup can lead to costly repairs and even having to replace your unit. Our experts have years of experience working with vending machines and we can make sure that your vending machine gets installed quickly and securely. Expert installation is the best way to protect your investment.

Adding vending machines to your location can be a great way to generate new income, but only when they are installed by experts. Reliably installed vending machines open up new financial possibilities as well as giving your customers an added sense of value for your business. Our expert installation service is the best way to get your vending machine installed.

You want to get the most out of your vending machines. Have our experts install them today and make sure you start off on the right foot.

If you are ready for vending machine delivery or have questions about our services, get in touch with us today. Georgia’s vending machine experts are only a phone call away!


*Booking/Appointment Cancellation Policy: Your appointment is a time that has been set aside exclusively for you and our team at GVRC. We understand your time is very valuable to you, and in an effort to respect your time and that of our clients. Cancellations are subject to forfeit their deposit fee. Rescheduling consists of reb-booking and a new deposit fee is applied.  

*ALL SALES FINAL: Georgia's Vending Repair Center sells used and refurbished vending machines and parts. Make sure you purchase the correct items to meet your individual needs. By using this site you the customer agrees that you have read and understand the description of all equipment and that if items are purchased from this site all sales are final and no refunds will be given for any reason. There is no ‘Cooling off period’ for buyers remorse or warranty issues. Should you have a warranty issue it will be taken care of under the terms of our warranty page.


*PARTS ORDERED BY MISTAKE: Should you order the wrong parts by mistake you have the following options; you can return the parts for full credit (minus shipping cost) towards the correct parts, should we carry them. If this option is taken then you are responsible for the shipping cost both ways plus any overage cost if the part you need costs more than the part that you bought. Should we fail to carry the correct parts that you need then you can return the parts for store credit in the form of a gift certificate that will be emailed to you, (minus shipping originally paid) plus a 25% restocking charge. The store credit will not expire and can be used any time just like cash at our website, in all or in part for future purchases.


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