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Should You Get A New or Refurbished Vending Machine?

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If you have decided to start a vending machine business, you may now be looking at this huge selections of vending machines and wondering... Where do I start? Georgia's Vending Repair Center is here to help!

Choosing the right vending machine to invest in is a huge decision. And while you have to choose based upon what you're looking to sell, you also need to decide on the model and if you want a new or refurbished one. Pricing, features and functionality are all important aspects when choosing the right machine for you. Let us help you find the perfect vending machine for you by deciding what vending machine best aligns with your business goals and budget!

Understanding New Vending Machines

To begin, you need to look at your budget and decide if a new machine is in that range. If so, there are some more details to consider. A fresh out of the box machine offers the latest in technologies and features, but remember all of those come at a price. They are sometimes backed by manufacturer warranties, which will help provide you piece of mind in your vending machine investment.

New vending machines are also have more modern designs and all the cutting-edge functionalities. These can help attract and enhance your users experience when shopping your machine. But remember, the upfront cost of purchasing a new machine will typically be higher than that of a refurbished one.

Exploring Refurbished Vending Machines

Refurbished machines go through various inspections and repairs when being resold. Some companies inspections are more harsh than others. Here at GVRC, we put all of our vending machines under the microscope to ensure we are selling you a quality machine! We even offer a guarantee on our products.

Before purchasing your refurbished machine, be sure to inspect it for quality and functionality. Because while your primary advantage of buying a refurbished machine is cost savings, you do not want to sacrifice that savings in repairs. With GVRC you are not only investing in a quality refurbished vending machine, but a lot of our machines come with upgrades as well. If you choose a machine without a card reader, we can often install a new one for you at a small cost. Find and make the perfect refurbished machine in your budget today!

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Factors To Consider When Shopping

When you are shopping for vending machines, it can be overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with them. At GVRC, we have experts to guide you through your purchase and answer any questions you have. We know how daunting a new investment can feel and we are here to help!

Key things to consider when shopping for vending machines are...

-Budget & Delivery : Be sure the machine you are shopping for is in your budget and that it is able to be delivered to where you want to set it up. Otherwise, you may need to also include costs of transporting it yourself.

-Location & Audience : You need to choose a location to set your vending machine up, and make a decision on what products you are going to provide. Depending on where your machine will be located, you may want to offer a different variety of items. You can also test these over time to see what sells and what does not.

-Long Term Goals : Think about your long term business goals with your vending machine. How does it fit into your growth strategy? When will you see gains on your investment? How will you budget any repairs or upgrades you need?

Evaluating Warranty & Support

Whether you opt for a new or refurbished vending machine, it is essential you ask about warranties offered by the company you are purchasing from. A robust warranty can safeguard your investment and provide assistance in the even of technical issues or repairs. Additionally, having support can be a benefit as well. Consider the availability of replacement parts and maintenance services, as these factors can impact the overall reliability and lifespan of your vending machine.

At Georgia's Vending Repair Center, we offer warranties on many different vending machines and parts. We also offer maintenance calls, repairs and more. If you are looking to schedule regular maintenance on your vending machine to increase its lifespan, reach out to us today for more information.

Making Your Final Informed Decision

Ultimately, the decision to buy a new or refurbished vending machine should be based upon a careful assessment of your specific needs, preferences and circumstances. Be sure you are taking the time to research reputable suppliers, compare pricing and features, and weigh the pros and cons of each option before making a final decision. By considering factors like budget, location, goals, warranties, and support, you can confidently choose the vending machine that best aligns with your business objectives and delivers value to your customers.

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Investing in a vending machine is an amazing move to make when looking to invest in your personal hands(mostly)-off growth! While there are many factors to consider, you can rest easy knowing there are professionals out there willing to help you every step of the way. If you have questions about products, warranties, or starting your own vending machine business, call GVRC today! We are happy to answer any questions and help guide you to the perfect vending machine for you!

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