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Vending Machine Repair

  Call Us for Your Vending Machine Repair Needs

Vending machine repair is made easy with GVRC! No more hassle over making appointments, no sitting on hold. Make an appointment easy with our online booking options! If you still prefer to book over the phone, please feel free to give us a call! We are happy to help.

Some common vending machine repairs are...

-Power Failure

-Faulty Display or Buttons

-Cooling System Malfunction

- Products Stuck

-Coin Jams

-Vending Door Stuck

When booking your appointment please include as many details as you can, so that we are fully prepared to help you get your machine back to its peek performance. 

Power Failure

If your vending machine is subjected to a power outage, or even unplugged for some reason, it can cause the vending machine to shut down. There are many ways we can repair your vending machine, and we will get it done fast!

Product Stuck

If you have a product stuck in your machine, we can get it fixed for you! If it is a continuous problem, there may be some other issue with your machine and we will diagnose and discover what that is and how to fix it. 

Faulty Display or Button

If a button or your screen malfunctions, it may make it impossible for people to buy your products. If you need quick vending machine service, give GVRC a call!

Coin Jams

Coin jams can be irritating for customers and owner! If you are experiencing a coin jam in your vending machine, please call Georgia's Vending Machine Repair Center for the best vending machine repairs in Georgia!

Cooling System

If the cooling system on your vending machine breaks, this could be more or less severe depending on your style of vending machine and what you are selling. For a fast vending machine repair, call GVRC. Don't lose your products to this problem.

Vending Door Stuck

If your vending machine access panels are dented or worn out, it can make it difficult for your customers to reach in and grab their products! Make it easier on them (and yourself) and call the best vending machine repair company in Georgia (GVRC)!

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