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GVRC services all makes and models of vending machines, both at our Loganville facility or at your location. We also provide “to-your-door” delivery service for your machine purchases. We ship parts and vending machines nationwide. We are here to help you.

What are you looking for?

Check out some of our services and see what we have to offer. If you're looking for more information or would like to talk to one of our professionals, head to our contact page or click below.

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Need a little more information?

Contact us today and let's talk

Routine Service Calls

Available Monday's, Wednesday's, Friday's

Flat Rate Price of $115 (Pricing Varies by Location - more info)

(Deposit of $35 required - Non Refundable)

Do you possess an aging or impaired vending machine that you've been eager to restore to working order? Our vending machine repair services are designed to revive your older machine, rescuing it from a state of disrepair. What were once dependable sources of additional income can swiftly devolve into eyesores, causing frustration for both your staff and customers. Fortunately, our skilled team can efficiently address the issues plaguing these older machines, restoring them to their former functionality and appeal.

Our adept vending machine repair technicians boast years of experience in this specialized field. Familiar with the intricacies of vending machines, we can adeptly manage the challenges associated with repairing these sophisticated pieces of equipment. Whether it's a comprehensive inspection or swift execution of necessary repairs, we're equipped to expedite the process, allowing you to resume your business operations without disruption.

GVRC technician working on a vending machine.
Image of vending machines packaged on a trailer for delivery!

Delivery & Setup

Available Tuesday's and Thursday's

Flat Rate Price of $175 (Pricing Varies by Location - more info)

(Deposit of $50 required - Non Refundable)

White Glove Delivery Price of $300

We service cities surrounding Atlanta. You can be rest assured that your equipment will be transported with the outmost care. We will deliver and set any type of vending machine right in its place making the entire moving process stress free and completely hands free on your part. If you have never heard of the "Clam Shell Maneuver" you should let our team of trained professionals movers  move your equipment.

We also provide "White Glove Delivery Service". If you purchase a machine from an out of state dealer. We will pick up the machine from the nearest freight terminal or have it delivered to our office, we will discord the packaging/pallet and transport the machine direct to your location.​ We offer a customer discount if you have multiple units that's being picked up and moved to one location "A to B".

Refurbish your Machine 


30 days on labor

4 month (120 days) on all parts.

Is your vending machine showing signs of age or damage, leaving you eager to restore its functionality? Look no further—our vending machine repair services specialize in rejuvenating older machines, transforming them from frustrating eyesores to reliable sources of added income. Our seasoned technicians, well-versed in the intricacies of vending machines, can swiftly address any issues, ensuring your machine is back to its former glory in no time.


Don't let out-of-order vending machines dampen your potential income! Our expert repair team, boasting years of experience in the field, can navigate the complexities of these machines with ease. From a comprehensive inspection to prompt repairs, we'll have your vending machine operational, allowing you to resume business as usual without delay.


There's no need to part ways with your old vending machine. Contact us today and let us breathe new life into it. Skip the hassle of disposing of a malfunctioning machine—retain its value by entrusting our experts with the repairs. Regardless of your business type, that aging vending machine on your property can once again become a lucrative asset, enticing customers to return for more.

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