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Starting a Vending Machine Business

Are you thinking of starting a vending machine business? This could be a great option for you!

There is a lot of flexibility and choices when it comes to owning vending machines.

While there are many choices, Georgia's Vending Repair Center is here to help you understand the in's and out's of navigating the vending machine world. We believe everyone can own a vending machine business if they work hard and choose the right vending machine for their location!

GVRC service technician, doing maintenance on a vending machine

Here are some steps to consider when starting your vending machine business.

  1. Research & Planning : You should begin by doing market research. Is there a local are that could benefit from a vending machine? What kind of products would do best in that vending machine? Consider trends, target sales group and product types. Then begin calculating how much product you will need to purchase before you begin your journey.

2. Develop a Plan : Outline your goals, target market, marketing strategies, and financial projections in a detailed business plan. This plan will serve as a road map for you as you begin your journey. Remember you will need more than a vending machine and products. You will also need to calculate in maintence, repairs, and upgrades to your machine, as well as payment for the space you put the machine if that applies.

3. Choose Your Machine : Choosing what type of machine to get is important! Are you selling drinks and cold items? Or maybe you are looking to sell snacks & treats. Deciding what machine you need is a vital set in your journey. If you need a consultation, feel free to reach out to us at GVRC for help choosing the right machine.

4. Secure Financing : Determine what your initial financial investment will need to be. The cost of the machine, delivery & set up, any needed vending machine repairs or updates on the machine, and even cost of products should be calculated. Explore financing options such as personal savings, loans, or even possibly partnerships with investors.

5. Purchase Your Vending Machine : When you are looking to purchase your vending machine, who you buy from is an important choice! You can choose from new and refurbished vending machines, various styles and more. At GVRC, our refurbished vending machines come with a 4 month warranty on parts and free technical support as long as you own the machine. We offer a great warranty, that can save you a lot of trouble down the road!

6. Transport Vending Machine to Your Location : Once you have secured the perfect vending machine for your location, you will need to get it there. On average, a vending machine can weigh anywhere between 400 and 900 pounds while empty. GVRC offers shipping if you are looking to save yourself the hassle of moving the machine yourself. Even if you do not buy from us, we still over shipping, relocation, and even setup of vending machines over Georgia.

7. Promote Your Vending Machine : Be sure you are marketing your machine's location for the best results! People have to be able to find your machine in a convenient location for them to use it!

8. Monitor Performance & Adapt : When you initially decide on products, you may think they will do well. If certain products do not sell well, or at all, be sure you rotate them out and try something new! Do not be afraid to change your tactics.

9. Comply with Regulations : Ensure you are up to date with any local, state or federal regulations governing vending machine operations, taxation requirements, and even products. Staying on top of this could help you avoid legal fees.

10. Get Regular Maintence : Vending machines are heavy machinery, and just like your car, need regular maintence. Ensuring you are getting regular maintence can save you money down the road on costly repairs. At Georgia's Vending Repair Center, we make scheduling your regular maintence or repair services easy! Visit our website to book your appointment today!

Deciding on starting your own vending machine company is a huge step! Let GVRC help you with offering you high quality machines, services and upgrades! Call us today for more information!

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