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Delivery and Setup

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Delivery and Setup

If you have never heard of the "Clam Shell Maneuver" you should let our team of trained professionals movers  move your equipment.


We service cities surrounding Atlanta. You can be rest assured that your equipment will be transported with the outmost care.


We will deliver and set any type of vending machine right in its place making the entire moving process stress free and completely hands free on your part.

We also provide "White Glove Delivery Service". If you purchase a machine from an out of state dealer. We will pick up the machine from the nearest freight terminal or have it delivered to our office, we will discord the packaging/pallet and transport the machine direct to your location.

We offer a customer discount if you have multiple units that's being picked up and moved to one location "A to B".



For further information and questions about our vending machine moving services, please contact us at 678.699.9732 or visit our contact form.

Days of Service's: Wednesday's and Friday's

Standard Delivery Service: $175.00 per machine Point A to B

White Glove Delivery Service From Vending Supplier: $300.00 per machine

Steps: $75.00 per step

Deposit: $50 - (Non-Refundable)


Delivery and Setup

We offer delivery and setup services for your vending machine. Let us help you with your machine today.

Wednesday's and Friday's

$175 - ($50 Deposit Required)

White Glove Delivery: $300


Need a little more information?

Contact us today and let's talk

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