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Card Reader Installation

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VPOS & AMIT:  Out Of Stock
VPOS Touchless:  $385.00 

Warranty: 1 years from factory.


With more than half of society going cashless, did you know that by going cashless you have the potential to increase your sales by 30% in 2015, which is a no brainier.​ In 2020, over 60% of sales is done by credit card readers.

With more consumers using high tech device such as watches and mobile devices. You don't need a credit card to process a purchase. All you have to do is introduce your gradate to a reader and the interface will read the wallet that you have to process a purchase. Simplicity at is finest in the new era of technologies. 

Nayax is a leader in the cashless vending world when it comes to telemetry, VMS, and cashless payment, not to mention their low-cost investment. Other benefits of going cashless include; track sales & inventory, monitor machine temperatures, receive real-time data with operational alerts, facilitates pre-kitting, attain cash accountability, change machine product prices using DEX read or via Nayax’s, accept mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal and many more.


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