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Common Questions About Vending Machines

Whether you are looking to start a vending machine business, or are just curious about the vending machine industry, there are questions you will have. At Georgia's Vending Repair Center, we are experts in our field. Not only do we sell vending machines and sell vending machine parts, but we also repair and refurbish vending machines. Below are some questions commonly asked about vending machines, but if you find you have a question not answered below, please reach out to us!

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Learn About Common Vending Machine Questions with GVRC!

Where Can I Buy Vending Machines?

You can purchase vending machines from many reputable suppliers. Depending on what type of machine you are looking for, and what condition you want it in, that may narrow down your choices. At GVRC we offer a range of vending machines for sale. Whether you are looking for an older model, just to test out your vending machine business skills, or you are ready to invest in a newer model, we can help! If there is one you like, without features you need, we can consult with you to see if they are things we can add on to your machine!

How Much do Vending Machines Cost?

On average, vending machines cost anywhere from 1,000$ to 10,000$. This difference on price is dependent on many different things! Some things to look for are type of machine, age of machine, brand, location, and included features. Here is a better breakdown of average prices of machines.

New Machine Average Cost

Used Machine Average Cost

Snack Vending Machines



Beverage Vending Machines



Combo Vending Machines



Specialized Vending Machines



What are the maintenance Requirements For Vending Machines?

Depending on your machine maintenance can be a varying thing for you. If you have a brand new machine, your maintenance should be limited, aside from filling your machine whenever needed. If you have a middle aged machine, you may need more regular check ups to ensure everything is still working great for your customers and that there are no issues. If you have an older machine, you may need to look at investing into upgrades over time, and even getting regular maintenance done to prevent it from breaking. A top pet peeve of vending machine users is not receiving their products. To ensure that doesn't happen you need to be sure to keep your machine top of the line!

GVRC offers regular maintence, emergency repairs and upgrades for machines. Check out our website for more details on all of our services!

How Do I Choose The Best Vending Machine for My Business?

Before you decide what vending machine to buy, you need to think about what you want to sell and where you want to put it. If you choose an area that already has many, or restaurants super close, it may not do as well as places without easy access to drinks and snacks. In order to decide what type of machine would be best, you need to research areas you could put your machine, figure out what would sell best and buy a machine for that! Whether it be a mixed machine that you can sell drinks and snacks, or you just sell various types of snacks, be sure to do some research before purchasing your machine!

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Can I Upgrade My Old Vending Machine Machine?

Yes! Upgrading your old machine can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with the machinery of vending machines. If you would like card readers, or other things changed on your machine, GVRC is the place for you! At Georgia's Vending Repair Center, we offer the highest quality vending machine work in the Atlanta and surrounding areas! We would love to give you a consult and discuss getting your vending machine upgraded.

What Kinds of Products Can I Put In My Vending Machine?

The types of products you can put in your machine depends on what type of machine you buy. Different machines are built to store and serve certain products. Be sure you are properly researching your machine, or asking questions of the seller when purchasing your machine.

Vending machines are made to hold a variety of things. Some machines hold drinks, snacks, and various other products.

What Are The Steps To Starting A Vending Machine Business?

If you are interested in how to start a vending machine business, check out our blog post about it! We have a detailed guide on our blog.

There are many questions that can arise when you are looking to start a new venture. Research can be your best friend, but also leave you with more questions than you started with. If you have any other questions, or are looking to buy a machine, please reach out to us here at GVRC today!

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